A Guide to Investing in Brisbane Property market

Investing in Brisbane property market

A Guide to Investing in Brisbane Property market

Posted on April 19, 2021 by Mirren Property Investment

A Guide To Investing in Brisbane Property Market

Brisbane is currently in the midst of an economic boom, making it one of the most sought-after places for local and foreign real estate investors. As the third-largest and fastest-growing city in Australia, Brisbane is experiencing unparalleled residential growth.

The State of Property Market in Brisbane
Brisbane’s real estate has always been stable and consistent, with small fluctuations and dips during the pandemic. Last year, Brisbane property prices rose to 3.6 per cent with small increases for houses and apartments. In 2021, Brisbane had a strong start thanks to new casinos and housing affordability compared to Melbourne and Sydney.

Brisbane’s population has also grown faster than the 10-year average. It now averages 23,000 new residents annually. Brisbane enjoys a healthy job market with a cost of living that is more affordable than its other neighbouring states.

Tips for Investing in Brisbane
If you’re a first-time investor, you’ll want to invest a home in areas where there’s a busy real estate market. Research about the kinds of properties people wants in the area. Are they more into townhouses? Bigger apartments? Or detached houses? If you want, you can also hire an experienced property consultant who can help you with the current trends. They will most likely have the most trusted report on the market conditions, helping you make the smartest decision.

Study the market and area you want to invest in. Make sure you are buying into an area where there will be high profit and positive cashflow. Don’t simply invest in suburbs because they are being developed. Research on the current predictions and likely expansions. Other things to look out for are the presence of entertainment areas, transportation, and schools.

Best Suburbs in Brisbane

  • Strathpine: a developing suburb in Brisbane with 8% 12-month growth, median house price of $421,500, and a gross rental yield of 5%.
  • Oxley: an emerging suburb with 9% 12-month growth, $585,000 median house price, and a gross rental yield of 4%.
  • Kedron: a growing suburb with 8% 12-month growth, $735,000 median house price, and a gross rental yield of 3%.
  • Toowong: a popular suburb among university students because of its proximity to Brisbane CBD and the University of Queensland. It has a 12% month-growth and a house median price of $1 million.
  • Camp Hill: a family-friendly suburb with a median house price of $980,000 and a growth rate of 4.1 per cent over the last five years.
  • Manly: a bayside suburb with an average of 14.2 per cent increase in house value. It has convenient public transportation with a direct route to Brisbane CBD.

The suburbs of Brisbane and surroundings like Park Ridge, Ripley, Greenbank and others offer great property investment opportunities starting around the $450,000 mark. Interested? Contact us for an obligation-free consultation here.

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