Brisbane’s new runway on track to open mid next year

Brisbane's new run way set to open in mid next year

Brisbane’s new runway on track to open mid next year

Posted on April 29, 2019 by Mirren Property Investment

According to Brisbane Airport Corporation, Brisbane’s New Runway is the largest aviation construction project in Australia. Since the initialisation of the project in 2012, it is now in the major stages of construction, with a track to open in mid 2020. Once open next year, around this time, Brisbane will have doubled its current capacity with the best runway system in Australia.

It is estimated that by 2035, the new runway will contribute an additional $5 billion in annual economic benefit to Brisbane. It will also help in creating 7,800 new jobs. It will enable Brisbane to serve the demands of the community, now and for the coming generations. More choices of airlines, flight times and destinations are imminent added benefits for travellers.

This reinforced concrete four-lane underpass will allow vehicles to travel under the taxiways connecting the new runway to Domestic and International Terminals.

“Most importantly, when the new runway opens in 2020, Brisbane Airport will have one of the most efficient runway systems in the country, with sufficient capacity for many years to come,” says Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) CEO and Managing Director.

“Efficient operations and ample capacity will attract more opportunities and boost business, injecting an estimated $13 billion into the Australian economy by 2034 and supporting more than 88,000 jobs nationwide.

“So it’s very exciting to be realising the grand vision for Brisbane Airport that has been in the planning since 1988 when the airport was opened in its current location, as the opportunity it creates for Queensland is unlimited.

“Indeed we are very fortunate that more than 30 years ago, the Government at the time had the foresight to select this particular location for Brisbane Airport.

“It is a decision that has allowed maximum growth of the airport with minimum impact to the community due to the 6 kilometre buffer zone, the largest in Australia for any capital city airport,” Ms Alroe said.

Such advancements also contribute in making Brisbane an investment property hotspots for several investors around the nation.

The growth of Brisbane has been booming over the years and this new piece of infrastructure will keep it going for Brisbane and the nation. The result of the long term planning  for Brisbane Airport which commenced in the 1970s – with construction on track – opening in mid 2020, this runway will be the best Australia has seen so far bringing economic growth to Brisbane.

Source: Brisbane Airport Corporation, Australian Aviation

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