Amrin and Arif

Amrin and Arif

Investment property advice for Amrin and Afrin, clients of Mirren Investment Properties

How a 'finance personal trainer’ won the hearts and the trust of this hard-working young couple.

Before she went to Mirren Investment Properties, whenever Amrin wanted to buy something for herself, like a handbag, she felt pangs of guilt. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford it … they could. It wasn’t that she didn’t want it … she did. Amrin and Arif had savings, but she knew they weren’t using those savings the right way.

“As first generation Australians, we didn’t have the luxury of having big family homes to inherit. Everything we have we’ve worked for. We bought our first home at 24, and although we didn’t know it then, we were capable of so much more.”

Making most of investment properties with the right investment property advice

Finding a better way

“I was on maternity leave when I realised that we needed to make the most of our earning potential now.

I started to google investment property advice, and it led me to Rene at Mirren.

I rang him … and as soon as I started talking to him I felt like I could trust him. I asked him lots of questions in that first conversation.

The idea of paying off our mortgage in less than ten years had never crossed our minds. Just talking to Rene and him giving us that motivation led us to go and meet him to get more investment property advice.”

Investment property advice based on facts and figures

Be strong, be courageous and make the decision

Amrin is naturally courageous and genuinely intuitive.

She had a real connection with Rene and although cautious at first quickly learned that Rene’s style suited her personality.

I go by logic, not emotions. I needed facts, not testimonials. Rene understood this and gave me all the numbers in a spreadsheet … as a numbers person, it was what I needed.

I call him my ‘financial personal trainer’.”

Amrin and Arif had friends who would give advice, but they always felt they needed someone to guide them through the investment process giving us the right investment property advice when needed. When they met Rene, they felt it was meant to be.

We just wanted to do better with the resources we had. Rene spent a lot of time getting to know us personally and gaining an understanding. We connected on these principles. He was also very open and honest about having to work hard to become millionaires.”

Rene Marzinger of Mirren Investment Properties - a financial personal trainer for clients

Needed - Accountability and Commitment

Rene made them accountable and committed. He gave them deadlines and structure, and it was more real than the fairytale promised by other property investment specialists.

“You can have the fairytale retirement, but you need to know the steps. Rene helps make your dreams reality in a very real way … and in a very accountable way.”

Rene presented them with an area in Queensland. Between the trust they had developed and the logic they believed in, they knew it was the right step. Rene took them through the infrastructure and development of the town, showed them maps, facts and figures, and his advice was practical.

“Don’t compare this with booming markets.” Amrin knew they needed to be brave and courageous and trust Rene with his investment property advice.

“So far he has proven himself.”

Investment property advice to get a couple on the investment property ladder

Queensland here we come

Last year the couple invested in their first positively geared investment property, a turnkey property in Goodna, Queensland. They are delighted with their decision and looking forward to all it brings them.

And thanks to a solid investment properties strategy not focused entirely on capital growth, they have realistic expectations for the next ten years.

They meet with Rene quarterly, to review figures and strategy. It’s an open, honest meeting with lots of accountability.

“We communicate very openly. If something unforeseen came up financially, I would tell him in advance so he could incorporate that into the planning. Because we keep the lines of communication open and clear, things are resolved easily and quickly.”

Building a property portfolio with property advice from Mirren Investment Properties

And it all comes down to numbers

When they meet quarterly, Rene starts with the numbers. Are the numbers where they need to be? If not, why not? Do you know where that money went?

“Rene is okay if you don’t stick to the numbers – the world is not perfect and things don’t always go to plan – but if you’re $1000 out, you need to know where your $1000 went.”

If Amrin and Arif had continued as they had been before meeting Rene, their mortgage would have taken 20 years to be paid off.

Rene’s property strategy has seen that figure halve, and their mortgage will be paid off in under 10 years.

And that really does sound like a fairytale … but you need to be focussed.

“The hardest part has been adapting to a new pace of living when it comes to our finances. Previously I was able to do what I wanted with my money … now I stop and think. The positive thing is it makes you wiser and makes you think. Now when I buy myself a new Prada handbag I don’t feel guilty about it. I have no guilt in luxury spending at all anymore.

With spot on investment property advice and mentorship, Rene has empowered us as a couple, and we are growing every day.”

Continued property advice and mentorship by Rene Marzinger, Mirren Investment Properties

The road to financial fitness

Amrin hopes to continue working with Rene for many years to come.

As a migrant, she truly believed these kinds of opportunities weren’t possible.

But she’s realised anything is possible, with the right mentor, the right strategy and plenty of commitment.

“It’s like fitness… you have to be committed to your financial fitness.”

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