Brian and Francis

How Mirren transformed the lives of two ordinary Australians ... leading them to become a successful property investor.

From ordinary Australians to successful property investor

Brian and Francis

Brian and Francis weren’t in any difficulty when they contacted Rene from Mirren. In their mid-40s, they were both in well paid, secure jobs, but wanted to make their money work better for them. Their goal was to become self-funded retirees.

“I looked at my mother when she passed away at aged 70, and she had nothing. She was on a pension. I thought to myself ‘I’ve got opportunities here and if I do nothing I’m just going to blow it.’

My wife and I were both working full time, but we didn’t have a plan. We weren’t in any trouble but we were wasting our money, and we were just enjoying ourselves. We had finished raising our kids to the level where they were leaving school and getting their own jobs, and we were starting to think about how we were going to pay off our house and retire and not rely on super and pensions.” 

Securing the right investment property strategy before time runs out

The right time is now

Brian and Francis knew they had to do something about it … they were running out of time. 

We couldn’t let more years tick by and not act … we needed to make some decisions while we were still young and healthy enough to work.

We knew we needed to find someone to help us plan for a more secure retirement with the financial security we needed.”

Brian and Francis empowered to be successful property investor

Previous experience not required

Brian and Francis had absolutely no idea about property investment. 

There was no bedside reading table stacked with books on ‘how to become a successful property investor’. 

Fifteen years earlier they’d purchased an investment property, but it wasn’t set up in a systematic way to help them.

They broke even when they had to sell it to buy a bigger family home.

“We had no idea what we were doing.”

Rene Marzinger - empowering clients to become successful property investor

Control from the start

A friend recommended they go to see Rene from Mirren. Right from the start they were excited about the possibilities.

“Rene gave us an introduction to investment properties and opportunities … looking at what options we had available to us. We looked at how to lay out our goals and timeframes, and how to fit Mirren systems into our time frame.

Rene explained very clearly that we’re in control of everything that happens with our money – there’s no second or third party balancing our money – we’ve always got control. We haven’t given up the security of our home as equity and an attachment for our investment. It’s the whole structure that is set up for success.”

Clear property investment and repayment plan for clients

Our structure for success

“Rene has been incredible. He’s given us a realistic, structured way of living. He’s set up a budget for us to see where our money’s going and he’s directed our wages into a mortgage account that makes our money work harder for us.

We have a quarterly review with him to see how we’re tracking, how we need to adjust our spending and make sure we’re on track.

Going to the Mirren office becomes our quarterly therapy session … we leave there energised, because their energy is infectious.

And when I look at the network of companies and solicitors and support staff he’s got, it’s impressive, and it gives us great peace of mind that we are being looked after.”

Becoming a successful property investor with Mirren

Secure in a proven strategy

Brian and Francis are not fazed by media speculation about downward trends in the housing market. These scare tactics don’t make a dent in their confidence in their long term investment strategy towards making them a successful property investor.

“Market trends don’t bother us at all – we were never promised capital growth.

Our strategy is more about paying the properties down – which is where you’re going to get equity.

We need the rental income to help pay each mortgage down and as you pay it down that’s where your equity will come from.”

Brian and Francis on their investment properties journey

Fast track to retirement

Rene helped Brian and Francis purchase their first investment property in Brisbane, which is up and running. Eighteen months later, they are at the tail end of purchasing a second property.

“From not having a plan … to looking like we could be fast tracked and have four properties paid down before we retire at 60 … that is pretty incredible.”

It’s been mostly smooth sailing along their journey to property wealth … the only hiccups along the way being the Queensland weather briefly stalling the building process and settlement dates.

And with the technology now available, the fact that Brian and Francis haven’t actually seen either property really has no effect on any decisions they make.

Google street view allows you visit the whole town and see the infrastructure and neighbourhood without ever jumping on a plane.

And what the couple value and appreciate is the first class service they receive from Mirren. The paperwork is transparent and easy to understand, with the documentation telling them where to sign, when to sign, who to deliver to.

“It makes a big difference to our busy lives.”

Clients now how the confidence of a successful property investor

A safe future

“We’re going to have a lot more options at 60 than we would have if we hadn’t gone to Mirren.

At 60, I’m going to have the option to either retire or keep on investing. 

I’m more confident in how we’re dealing with our money now.

I feel safer, like we’re going to have a good future.” Something a successful property investor would say. 

And that is exactly why Rene Marzinger does what he does.

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