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Sue and Tom

Sue and Tom entered the property investment game a bit later in life. Both were in their fifties with three grown up children. It wasn’t planned and it took some major financial blows for it to happen.

Tom had been working at the same manufacturing company for 30 years as a supervisor, 18 years doing night shifts and Sue was working in retail. They are hard workers and had a decent income but didn’t have a lot saved for retirement.

“For a few years we’d been looking at ways to advance our financial situation. We sat down and realised it looked like I would be 67 before the house we live in would be paid off. All we had was our super.”

And yet, not even their super proved to be secure. Tom discovered that due to a series of bad investments by his super fund, he’d lost $240 000 – a crippling amount that seriously affected their retirement plans.

Tom had also suffered a very severe stroke a few years earlier and had diabetes. This made them think seriously about their quality of life and their financial future. It felt like they were struggling in thick, financial quicksand.

A Way Ahead

Luckily, when all seemed lost, there was a solution that came out of nowhere. One of Tom’s mates, Brian, had used Mirren and had a very successful property investment experience. Tom had known Brian for thirty years and trusted him. But Sue was sceptical – they’d already been burned before with investments. How could they be sure?

“Brian came and sat down with us and showed his investment work with Rene. He went through every detail and how it had worked for him. Sue was onboard and could see the benefits of it.”

Tom made an appointment to see Rene that week. He was instantly impressed.

“Rene is very meticulous. He went through every single detail. He was able to explain everything so it was clear every step of the way. He showed us how we could have a comfortable retirement through property investment.”

A Complete Turnaround

A Complete Turnaround

Tom and Sue used the equity in their family home in Sydney’s Camden to reinvest and get a deposit on an investment property that Rene had suggested.

The property was in the northern suburbs of Brisbane, a new build turnkey. ‘

The move paid instant dividends. The house had a high rental yield generating valuable income.

“We will have our house paid off very soon. It’s a complete turnaround. We now have a plan, where before we had no idea where we going. I don’t have to work past 65 and can retire.”

A Complete Turnaround

A Property Portfolio

So successful was Rene’s strategy that Tom and Sue were able to put down a deposit on a second investment property and are building a house on a third property. They are not property investment experts but simply followed Rene’s advice.

“The investment properties are all in growing suburbs outside of Brisbane. Lovely places where you’d want to live. In nine years we’ll have three investment properties paid for and we’ll own our house. Anything on top of that will be a bonus.”

The $240 000 that Tom lost in mismanaged super and gave him and Sue so many sleepless nights is no longer an issue.

“Through Rene we can have two or three investment properties paid off that would easily pay off the super. And what’s left is honey off the top.”

Property Therapist

The Property Therapist

Tom says that visiting Rene is hugely comforting.

“I said to Rene, coming in to see him is like therapy. No matter how difficult things get going in to see him, everything is so relaxed. You enjoy the drive home; Sue and I chat along the way. There’s a lot of trust there. Rene exudes that and makes you feel very comfortable.”

Sue says that working with Rene has also taught them about accountability and being more careful with where all their finances go.

“We had to budget a little bit and it showed us where we had been wasteful – we are now a lot more accountable to ourselves.”

A Bright Future

A Bright Future

Tom says that fear can inhibit people from taking the plunge into property investment, especially if they have been burned in the past like himself.

“Many people won’t make this sort of move because they are afraid people will rip them off.”

Tom advises anyone wavering about whether or not to get involved in property investment to jump right in.

He says working with Rene was liberating.

“Property is bricks and mortar. It’s something solid. You look at my super – money lost is money lost. You don’t get that back. But property – there’s always a future in it. It’s a long- term plan. I have no plans on selling those houses and they could double in value, but it’s not about equity. It’s not a lotto win. This is investing in our future and this has to be secure.”

Thanks to Rene and Mirren Investment Properties, Tom and Sue’s future is very secure indeed.

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