Coomera Town Centre

Coomera Town Centre

Coomera is one of the jewels of the Gold Coast.But, as yet, it’s still not on the radar of most property investors.

It’s nestled between some of the biggest amusement park draw cards such as Dreamworld as well as some of the most spectacular beaches such as Sanctuary Cove and Paradise Point. It’s the perfect combination of beach lifestyle, family friendly yet close to the city and very affordable. No wonder it’s rapidly growing and targeted by investors and families alike. It’s one of the areas of Queensland predicted to outperform the already extraordinary growth in the state.

It has one of the best locations in Queensland. An express train to Brisbane rushes from Coomera daily taking only 45 minutes, meaning that it’s the ideal place for families wanting the beautiful lifestyle of the Gold Coast combined with an easy commute to the city.

A major road upgrade around Coomera in 2016 has made traffic extremely smooth and light despite the growing numbers.

There’s only been one thing missing – a major town centre and a proper retail hub. That too is about to change.

The massive redevelopment of Coomera town centre is expected to be completed later this year. The site is a very expansive 1.7 hectares. It includes a $470 million Westfield shopping centre which will create jobs and be a major hub for all the towns and surrounding suburbs. It will also include 2 supermarkets, a 9 cinema complex and 2 discount department stores with 123 specialty shops.

Once completed the town centre is expected to be 17 hectares in size.

And it’s not just the retail upgrades. Nine schools sit in the immediate radius of Coomera Town Centre and a further three are planned. So this means that the growing population will be well taken care of in terms of education.

It’s also a well serviced town for industry. The Gold Coast Marine centre is based in Coomera and this has now become the main marine industry hub in Queensland. Major private companies have been pouring resources into it.

Coomera is truly blossoming and with the advent of the town centre it will be highly attractive to investors. Now is the perfect time to take advantage and buy into this popular Gold Coast hot spot while prices are still low.

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