Investment Properties

Understanding your Investment Property numbers

What numbers you need to understand before you buy

Most investors start with trying to finding the right Property and that’s why they end up with the wrong property investment. Because we take the time to understand your Financial Fingerprint, then establish the right property type for your fingerprint, we can find the best properties that suit and eliminate those that don’t.

We research thousands of properties every year, get “unlisted” properties from agents and developers all over Australia and know what properties the Banks are willing to finance and the "real costs" of investing in different property types and different areas.

So we ensure all the costs are into taken into account with a detailed "feasibility analysis" to make sure your investment property matches your financial fingerprint and will generate wealth in the future.

Here's some great resources to assess the right costs and ensure you have a profitable Property Investment

Watch the Getting your Investment costs right video

 Getting your Investment costs right Guide



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