Financial security through property investment

Financial security through property investment

Posted on March 16, 2018 by Mirren Property Investment

How long does it take?  While there are never any absolutes, we find Mirren clients are generally financially secure through smart property investment within a time frame of five to eight years.

Huh? How?… we hear you ask.

“It’s not rocket science,” says Rene.

We help ordinary Australians achieve financial security using a proven strategy … and over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people become successful property investors who make smart investment decisions.

Mirren uses a powerful, proven system
We can help you create a property investment portfolio to keep you secure and certain in retirement … by following these five steps.

1.  Purpose – find your ‘why’
For the vast majority of our clients, the end game is financial freedom. But what does that mean to you? And what does it look like?

2. Plan – make a road map for success
We work hard to create a plan and strategy that will deliver security through smart property investment. How? We consider infrastructure and development, capital growth indicators, shopping, schools, public transport and rental histories. We make decisions based on a proven strategy, rather than potluck.

3. Property – make a smart property investment choice
House, apartment, duplex, townhouse, vacant land, rural, city? It’s important to explore all of your options before you make your final decision. And we handle all the fiddly things like finance applications, paperwork, insurances, property managers and yes, even tenants.

4. Preside – manage your portfolio well
Watching your property portfolio grow is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have financially. And your ability to stay on top of your investment will ensure its financial viability. Stay connected, and stay engaged … don’t just ‘set and forget’.

5. Prosper – reap the rewards
Our proven investment strategy plays out over a five to eight year period, with many clients paying off their home loan mortgage … and picking up more investment properties along the way. But remember, clients who pay their home off in under five years generally have a smaller amount of debt on their home and larger incomes.


A strategy that works
Mirren clients purchase turnkey, positively geared properties and direct all the excess rental income into their own home, building equity to reuse along the way. We help you use your current income and your current expenses to achieve a superior outcome.


Are you ready to be a smart property investor?
Emil and Yvonne were. The couple are in their late 40s, with two teenage girls and five investment properties.

“Initially, owing a million dollars was daunting and nerve-wracking. We were worried about the market dropping. But in the end we said to ourselves… ‘What are we buying it for?’

We were buying it for income and tax breaks … not necessarily capital growth.”

Emil and Yvonne thought long and hard about their goals at the start of the journey. They wanted to renovate and pay off the house, travel overseas on a regular basis, get a new car every so often … and be self-funded in retirement. This was the driving force behind their decision to invest in property. Read their story here.

But hang on … What is a smart property investor – and how do I become one?
A smart property investor thinks strategically. They know exactly what they want to achieve and make sure their investment decisions work towards that goal. They have a strategy for choosing the right properties that relies on location but is framed by patience and timing.

A smart property investor manages their risks and knows the importance of a proven strategy and success beyond the last boom.

Smart property investors take smart property investment advice

Financially Secured through Property Investment

#1: Take a long-term mindset
Mirren clients think long-term. They are prepared to play the long game and they don’t expect property prices to rise straight away.

Mirren calculate the right investment for you – the ideal property mix of capital growth, rental income and depreciation to suit your financial situation.

Now that’s smart property investment.

#2: Use your equity
Tap into your equity to get into the property investment market.

It’s simple. By leveraging equity in your home or from another investment property, you can build your property portfolio, build wealth long-term, and become financially secure through smart property investment.

#3: Get the right loan
Mirren clients have access to financing options regular investors don’t. And we help you navigate the hundreds of different loan products and financial strategies available to you. Property investing is a whole different ball game to purchasing your own home, so you need to make smart financial decisions.

#4: Get advice from the right people (like Mirren!)
Google ‘property investment’ and you’ll be bombarded by a wide range of options … beware! And family members, friends, work colleagues, even accountants may also offer you advice. Ask them if they have an investment property of their own. And ask them about their experiences.


Mirren are property experts with a deep understanding of how to help ordinary Australians achieve wealth through a proven investment property strategy.

We know that the right investment strategy is more important than the right investment property and that finding the right property for your unique financial needs is more than just ‘location, location, location!’

The smart investment decision is to ask for professional help rather than going it alone. Surround yourself with the right team, and you’ll be on the road to financial freedom before you know it.

Mirren clients are happy … and successful property investors.

Brian and Francis wanted to make their money work better for them. Their goal was to become self-funded retirees, but they had no idea how to make that happen … until they met Rene from Mirren.

“Rene gave us an introduction to investment strategies and opportunities … looking at what options we had available to us. We looked at how to lay out our goals and time frames, and how to fit Mirren systems into our time frame.”

Rene helped Brian and Francis purchase their first investment property in Brisbane, which is up and running. Eighteen months later, they are at the tail end of purchasing a second property. Read their story here.

I WILL be financially secure in under ten years.
Yes, if you make a smart property investment, you can pay your home off in under 10 years. We’ll show you how.

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