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The Mirren Way of Property Investing

An Introduction to Mirren Investment Properties

We find profitable investment properties for smart investors, who use the positive cash flow to pay off their mortgage between 5-8 years, and reduce their tax bill significantly!

It all starts with a no-obligation call to understand your current circumstances what you are trying to achieve. Then if what we say make sense to you we book an appointment for me to visit your home or at our office in Bella Vista, meet with you and your partner and outline in general how you can take your current income and assets and turn it into a property portfolio- safely and securely.

When you are ready take the next step we prepare a personal finance and property strategy that will help you achieve your goals, discuss it with you and your partner and agree on an action steps to make the plan a reality.

Finally, we meet with you regularly (and are available anytime via phone and email) to review your progress, provide support and ensure you keep on track. That way you get the advice, service and support you need to make your dreams a reality.

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