Property Investing in Australia 2018

Property Investing in Australia 2018

Posted on March 16, 2018 by Mirren Property Investment

The big shift!
Sydney property investors have been riding the gravy train for a long time now, and it’s time to get off. Why? There’s been a clear shift in property investment in Australia, with Sydney prices tipped to take a 10% dive over the next 18 months.

But this is old news. Investors – and experts – have known for a while Sydney has reached its peak … and is just too expensive. There are better property investment deals in many other states …

… and this is great news for property investors, as it leaves room for markets like Victoria and Queensland to spend some long overdue time in the sun.

Let’s talk hotspots (quick tell us where!)
Melbourne! The Melbourne property market has been one of the most consistent performers over the past few years, and there’s a good reason why. Melbourne is livable, creative and has a stable and diverse economy with new jobs being created regularly … meaning good long-term tenants. And they have the best coffee in the country … who wouldn’t want to live there?

The Sunshine State continues to burn brightly …
While Brisbane has struggled with an oversupply of apartments and limited house price growth, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast have outperformed Brisbane with greater house price growth over the past year.

But the Queensland real estate market remains relatively affordable, particularly when comparing Brisbane to her sisters down South … Sydney and Melbourne. The Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Townsville are all on track for some solid long-term capital growth, based on current or planned infrastructure.

In Townsville alone, $2 billion worth of mining, military and port projects will boost the local economy, which is great news for property investors.

“Brisbane and Melbourne offer great opportunity for long-term capital growth. Melbourne’s market looks solid, and Brisbane’s market will rise, spurred by jobs and infrastructure growth – which is just what we like to hear.” Rene Marzinger

Across the Strait …
Tasmania is in high demand with retirees, but the jury is still out for investors. It looks like an attractive option thanks to its affordable real estate and higher rental yields. But while Tasmanian buyers find a typically lower capital growth than mainland cities, it has many of the big city advantages, without the hassle of traffic jams and congestion.

And across the Nullabor …
While it may be easy to speculate that Perth is out for the count, let’s not write her off too soon … Local experts report that Western Australia’s “lean years” will end in 2018 with house price rises … and renters will feel the squeeze.

Perth’s last period of growth was around 2007, with the mining boom, and Perth’s prices almost doubled over 18 months. But over the past decade, values dropped to around 60% of Sydney prices, and Perth became the most affordable of the four largest Australian capital cities.

So watch this space for news of Property Investment in both Tasmania and Western Australia.

A Mirren hot tip …
Can you keep a secret? Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, has traditionally been seen as Sydney’s poor cousin. But this industrial town is undergoing a massive transition … making it a more desirable place to live thanks to infrastructure improvements, investments and a focus on arts, culture and a thriving food scene.

Which can only mean one thing.

Mirren knows property investment …
Mirren’s understanding of investment opportunities across the country is immense. We establish and maintain independent relationships with builders and developers in every state and undertake extensive research on any development and planned infrastructure modelling.

“We understand capital growth in major cities and, more importantly, what drives the capital growth. We know people want to invest in prosperous areas, so our research is diligent and exhaustive,” says Rene.

Supply and demand – property … and jobs
We all understand the law of supply and demand, but let’s break it down for investment property purposes.

Each sale involves a buyer and a seller. The buyer places an offer for a property and the seller may accept or reject the offer. The law of supply and demand dictates the equilibrium price of a property.

When there is a high demand for properties in a particular city or state and a lack of supply of quality properties, the prices of houses tend to rise. When there is low demand for housing due to a weak economy, and an oversupply of properties is available, the prices of houses tend to fall.

It’s crucial to understand the delicate balance of supply and demand when it comes to Investment Property. Mirren understands what this balance is and how to get it right, every time.

And it goes without saying that for an area to be prosperous there needs to be a plentiful supply of jobs. The key word here is infrastructure. Throw in development and a decent budget and your suburb is really pumping. And as an investor, that’s worth throwing a party for.

We understand property investment in Australia … and where the best investment opportunities are
The property market is shifting every day and it’s important to stay ahead of trends. We can help you navigate the shift and achieve financial security through strategic property investment.

Because our property investment advice is based on a proven strategy … not potluck.

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