Learning to recover from the post-Christmas financial blues

Learning to recover from the post-Christmas financial blues

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Mirren Property Investment

There’s no season of year more energising than Christmas – however in all actuality once it ends, it’s normal to feel somewhat blue. The blessings, the dinners, the exceptional time with loved ones – they’re all over until next December. And furthermore, there’s typically a monetary crunch that accompanies wrapping up the Christmas season.

In case you’re similar to a great many people, you most likely spent past your financial plan in December. Every one of the presents, dinners and travel costs included, and now that it’s January, you’re most likely managing somewhat of a spending headache.

So what’s the cure? In case you’re trusting 2017 can be a time of settling on solid contributing choices, how might you make moves in January to get back on track?

Cutting your January spending

If you’re thinking of taking out a home loan and making a serious commitment to buying property in 2017, the first step is to get yourself back on the path to responsible spending.

In December, you probably overextended yourself financially. It’s time to correct that error in January, making reasonable choices that will keep your finances in good shape.

For example, you can cook cheap, healthy meals at home instead of eating out. Instead of seeing a movie in the theatre, you can rent one more affordably. These little changes in your habits can help you right the ship.

Rebuilding your credit right away

For anyone who’s considering property investment loans this year, having good credit is a prerequisite. If you added to your credit card debt in December, it’s time to pay off those debts and get more responsible now, according to The Globe and Mail.

If you’re able to be smart about debt in the early part of 2017, you may be able to quickly rebuild your credit and make yourself look much better on your next loan application.

We have a range of free calculators to help you with your Property Investments, including a credit card reduction calculator. So take a quick look and start getting prepared for your next Investment Property.

Planning your investing future

Are you getting ready to invest in property soon? If so, you probably have all sorts of questions. How much can I borrow? When can I borrow it? The list goes on.

Take the first step

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