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My name is Rene Marzinger, the founder of Mirren. At Mirren we love helping everyday Australian families use their money in better ways to build financial wealth through Property Investment.

It all starts with a no-obligation call to understand your current circumstances what you are trying to achieve. Then if what we say make sense to you we book an appointment for me to visit your home or at our office in Bella Vista, meet with you and your partner and outline in general how you can take your current income and assets and turn it into a property portfolio- safely and securely.

When you are ready take the next step we prepare a personal finance and property strategy that will help you achieve your goals, discuss it with you and your partner and agree on an action steps to make the plan a reality.

Finally, we meet with you regularly (and are available anytime via phone and email) to review your progress, provide support and ensure you keep on track. That way you get the advice, service and support you need to make your dreams a reality.


1. Getting you Investment Ready

Getting you Investment Ready is all about maximising your Financial Fingerprint. Your financial fingerprint is our way of describing your unique financial position and how and when you can grow your Property Portfolio. We take a three stage approach to maximising your financial fingerprint:

  1. Establish what you want to achieve by buying an investment property
  2. Identify any issues in your current financial position and
  3. Putting in place better Financial Management though budgeting, cost control and reducing expensive debt

All of which makes sure that you are “investor-ready” and your property investment becomes a way to build wealth rather than a financial burden


2. Your Ideal Investment Mix

Determining the right investment for you is about calculating the ideal Property Mix of capital growth, rental income and depreciation to suit your Financial Fingerprint. Your ideal mix will depend on criteria such as your income, the tax you are paying, whether you have high or low cash flow and your financial goals. What this does is ensure we can firstly find the property that has the right mix of rental income, capital growth and depreciation and then secondly the property itself.

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3. Your Ideal Investment Property

Most investors start with Finding the Right Property and that’s why they end up with the wrong property investment. Because we know the ideal property mix it becomes easier to find the best matches and eliminate those that don’t. We research thousands of properties every year, have access to “unlisted” properties from agents and developers all over Australia and know what properties the Banks are willing to finance so we are able to find the properties that match your ideal Property Mix and Financial Fingerprint.

4. Leveraging your finances

After you've purchased the property, we focus on recycling all your income through your personal debt which in most cases would be your home loan. We pay it down as fast as possible and then re-use that same money without having to go and apply for another loan, because that loan is already in place, for deposits and costs on the next investment property. We then focus on creating a six-month buffer that removes the emotional and financial stress because there is always enough money to pay the bills.


5. Growing Your Portfolio

Because we are constantly reviewing your financial fingerprint and present financial position we can easily understand what the next property should be. The idea is to balance your portfolio with positive versus negative cashflow; income versus tax (depreciation); area A versus area B; reviewing what properties you have in the portfolio to see whether they are actually serving the purpose of growing and maybe consider selling some and buying something newer.

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