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Successful Property Investment – Case Study November 2017


What do you need to do to purchase a successful Property Investment and grow a Property Investment portfolio? You need to have a strategy that suits your financial fingerprint, know your costs and start the right way! Mirren Investment Properties is here to help you.

We hope this case study will inspire you to start your journey in purchasing an investment property. Of course if you would like a free Property Strategy Consultation, we would love to help! Call us on (02) 8814 5275 to book an appointment or click on the button and we will be in touch soon! 

Case Study – Ormeau, QLD

Story of this successful Property Investment    


Like many families, Steve* & Sally* had a mortgage that seemed to be going nowhere, paying lots to the tax man every month and even started receiving tax bills at the end of the financial year after they had completed their tax returns. Steve & Sally came to Mirren Investment Properties with the thought that property investment might be good way to reduce this from happening again. From refinancing their mortgage and using the equity available, they purchased their first investment property and now have the freedom to know that their money is working for them.


Summary of this successful Property Investment

4 bedroom, 2 Bathrooms, DLUG

Land Size: 551m2

House Size: 180m2

Purchase Price: $495,000

Rented Out: $460 / week

Yield: 4.62%    



Please note the names in this story have been changed to maintain privacy of our clients.


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Rene Marzinger

Rene Marzinger

Property Advisor | Mortgage Specialist at Mirren Investment Properties
Many people struggle with the day to day expenses of living including maintaining a home loan, let alone being able to buy an investment property.Those that do manage to purchase an investment property often find that it becomes a burden rather than a path to creating wealth.

As an investment property specialist, Rene works with people to help them create wealth ‘the right way’ through investment property.
Rene Marzinger

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