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“In less than half year I had not only paid off my loan by $30,000, also purchased another investment property.

I highly recommend Mirren Finance Strategies and Rene Marzinger to anyone who wants to achieve their personal goals in the shortest time possible and without any problems.”

Lili *

“I first met Rene, one of my neighbours about 3 years ago and we quickly became friends. After a few dinners and bbq’s, I was soon curious about his business and how he enjoyed helping others through sensible and well thought out approaches to property investment.

My background has been in Financial Planning as was his and we were both frustrated at how we were limited in our ability to help people within that construct. There surely was a better way.

I knew it was time to set myself up with some sound strategies to pay off my mortgage quicker and take advantage of the equity I had built up so quickly due to the booming property prices. I was also concerned with the amount of tax my wife and I were paying. Another pressing concern is an all too common one, especially amongst many of our friends. How will our kids afford to buy a house in the future?

So wisely I sought Rene’s help. Even though I had a solid understanding of property and investment, I am a qualified financial planner after all, when it came to finding the right property I relied on Rene’s experience and expertise. From start to finish, Rene ensures the process is as easy and transparent as possible. The great office staff keep on top of any issues that required attention. I don’t think Rene could make it any easier or simpler. A testament to Rene and his care and attention to detail and how he goes above and beyond for his clients.

I love Rene’s philosophy and long term approach to helping his clients achieve financial freedom and success and I’m sure his biggest reward is seeing plans come to fruition. Our first Investment property we have only been renting out for 6 months and just the other day Rene told me that land values in the area have risen around 20% or $40,000. Also, coming soon, a nice Tax refund cheque, so there goes another $10,000 off the mortgage. A solid start to our Investment property portfolio I would say.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rene to any of my friends or family. For me to do that I have the utmost confidence in Rene’s ability and know that he is looking out for the client first and foremost. Rene is not only looking out for you to maintain your current lifestyle but more importantly your future lifestyle. We are looking forward to many more years of success with Rene and Mirren.”

Rohan and Partner *

“ After having Rene's card for over a year I rang him. That was the best phone call I ever made. He showed me how he could help me.

That was in June 2013, between then and Jan 2014 I have paid off $25,000 and I pay all my bills and still have some left over. The strategy that Rene put in place for me has not only turned my life around it has also helped my health because I don't STRESS OVER MONEY ANYMORE. I would recommend Rene Marzinger to anyone who needs financial help"

Peter S. *

"My husband and I were introduced to Rene Marzinger from Mirren Financial Services on or around June 2011. Rene returned with a plan and showed us that by restructuring our loans and purchasing an investment property, we could be on our way to alleviate our financial stress.

Once our investment property was purchased, Rene and his team of contacts advised us to purchase another investment property under our superannuation fund. Again, Rene did all the ground work. With the help of his team of contacts, a self managed super fund was created and we purchased another property.

This now minimises our tax payable from 15% to 2%. we often say to each other.

“Who would of thought after what we have been through, that we now have 2 investment properties and hope for our future. Our relationship has also improved. I am actually a happier person now. We have even been on a holiday to Hawaii and Las Vegas"

Maria and Raymond *

* We have changed their photo for confidentiality 

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