Turnkey Investment Property

Turnkey Investment Property

Turnkey Investment Property

Posted on April 18, 2018 by Mirren Property Investment

Okay, so what exactly is a Turnkey Investment Property?

Definition: Turnkey
NOUN Buy Property. Turn the key

It sounds pretty simple right. That’s because it’s meant to be. A turnkey property is a property that is built and finished…so that it is ready for your tenant to move in straight away.

All they literally have to do is “turn the key”.

Everything included! (there’s nothing for you to do!)

It couldn’t be any easier. When you purchase a turnkey property, all finishing touches are done so that your tenant can move in immediately. A turnkey investment property often has the following inclusions:

  • house construction
  • fences
  • turf laid
  • post box
  • TV connection
  • water connection

Mirren Property Investment Specialists

Fully designed interiors ready to go…

It’s true. Even the interior is covered (excuse the pun).
There really is nothing else to do to the property.

Interior inclusions often cover:

  • stove
  • dishwasher
  • air conditioning
  • fans
  • curtains and/or blinds

And in some cases, even the furniture is provided and arranged to fit!

The benefits of Turnkey Investments

Aside from the tax benefits owning a new property brings, there are a myriad of other benefits to having a turnkey property, including;

  • Homeowner’s warranty
  • Zero maintenance
  • Zero second hand or preowned house maintenance issues
  • Zero stress for either the tenant or landlord

Both investor and tenant reap the benefits of owning, and living in a turnkey property.

Invest anywhere

One of the benefits of investing in a property is that you don’t have to live where you invest.

This means that you can choose to invest in a good real estate market, one with good financial returns. It’s purely a business decision that will setup your financial future.

Market insight

A good property expert will be able to tell you where good real estate markets are.

The ones with good neighbourhoods, areas that lease well, that are close to schools and public transport, that have a good reputation and low crime rates.

These insights are invaluable to investors and will ensure that you get the return on investment you’re expecting.

Mirren Property ExpertsNo surprises with Mirren

Mirren clients can be sure that there will be no surprises! You’ll pay a fixed price contract, so there’ll be no hidden extras and no added costs…phew, no surprises. Unlike when you go to a “homeworld” style property developer, you may be up for optional extras such as kitchen and bathroom finishes, carpets or landscaping. This can blowout your purchase price and put you seriously over budget.

At Mirren, your contract price is the final price. You’ll know up-front what you are getting, every single time.

The Mirren advantage

We help Australians achieve financial security through strategic property investment. Our complete and proven solution takes the guesswork out of growing and managing your property portfolio.

Don’t delay – request your free consultation today!

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