What Makes Kellyville A Good Prospect for An Investment Property?

What Makes Kellyville A Good Prospect for An Investment Property?

Posted on February 7, 2020 by Mirren Property Investment

In the past, Kellyville was known as huge farmland and just a quaint rural area. Nobody thought about how much it could be developed until today. Fast forward to the present, this old little town is now Sydney’s fastest-growing suburb. Kellyville is a recently built suburb found around the long-standing Kellyville Village and is situated in Sydney’s outer west region. Before it was named Kellyville, the area was known as ‘There and Nowhere’ and also has been called ‘Irish Town’ at one point because of the huge number of Irish people living in the area. Today, it is bordered by suburbs Bella Vista, Glenhaven, Castle Hill, Beaumont Hill, and Rouse Hill.

Often cited as one of the most ‘liveable’ suburbs for homebuyers, Kellyville’s peaceful environment and the charming rural scene that’s simply coexisting within the area has become a delight for many people. It has been known for its city vibes and rural charm and has been home to thousands of families in the area.

With the size of approximately 18.6 square kilometres, the suburb has a population of more than 27,971 people. This large residential suburb is located in the state of New South Wales and just 36 kilometres of north-west Sydney’s central business district. Kellyville is part of the Hills district region and is managed by The Hills Shire Council local government area of Central Northern Sydney.

Are you looking to invest in a property in Kellyville? What makes Kellyville a great place to live? Find out what makes this suburb a good location for investments here – here are the investment property trends for 2020.

Variety of Housing Options

Probably one of the best things about living in Kellyville is its freestanding homes. These spacious homes with big backyards and pools are not just eye candy, they’re also great properties to invest in.

Single storey houses are rare in the area because most landowners are choosing to maximize their land by building two-story dwellings. In this suburb, you’ll find plenty of homes with large outdoor areas, gardens, and pools.

These freestanding homes are very appealing for many people who are tired of living in small and cramped units in the city. Sydney’s “micro-apartments” are getting a bad rap lately for being badly designed, and this puts the spotlight into these beautiful and spacious suburban homes.
Who doesn’t want that kind of luxury for the same price?

Even though Kellyville is composed of different kinds of housing and land sizes, most people often invest in large residential homes. Unlike investing in a small-sized yet expensive property in the city, you’ll be much happier investing in Kellyville since most homes in this suburb are spacious and wide.

Although luxury homes are common in Kellyville, there’s also no shortage of terrace-style homes and palatial apartments in the area. Units also ensure that people who want more affordable places to live and invest are covered, however, there may be just a few of them compared to houses with average prices.

You’ll also find homes for people from all walks of life and style. It’s very common to see rows of townhouse developments along with magnificent homes near the suburbs bushlands and creeks. In its entirety, Kellyville offers a serene and quiet atmosphere surrounded by nature and
suburban charm.

Rural Charm

Another cool thing about Kellyville is its striking combination of rural and modern residences. For the past 15 years, Kellyville has been populated with farmlands and now, in just the span of a few years, it has become a semi-modern suburb filled with developed lots.

Despite these modern developments, Kellyville has not lost its country feel and charm. Here you can find farmers who resisted development still tending to their farms. There are also lots of areas with wild trees, bushes, and flora. In the heart of the suburb, you’ll find open spaces blossoming with nature, green streets, backyards, and gardens that add an exquisite charm to the whole area.

So if you’re still wishing for that cozy rural-suburban vibe, you don’t have to go elsewhere! You’ll still find many traditional homes and properties around the area. Some even come with grazing animals and horse paddocks!

Real Estate Growth

Houses in Kellyville have a median price of $1,187,156 while units cost only $740,368. For the past three years, house prices in this suburb have grown by 10.95% while unit prices have grown by 5.30%. The average rental price for houses runs up to $650 per week while units come in $535 per week.

Aside from local investors and families, foreign investors have also expressed their interest in the area. Sydney’s property boom is making it hard to find affordable starter homes but there are lots of luxury modern houses that are both grand and excellent to invest in. Want to know some fundamentals of investment properties and diversifying your investment properties portfolio?

Convenient Location

Kellyville’s thriving residential area is becoming a hotspot for investors and buyers. Who can’t say no to this beautiful suburb located in one of the most convenient locations in Sydney? A gorgeous place with a calm and serene atmosphere with homes in proximity to the CBD and nestled in nature is probably the perfect paradise to live in Sydney.

Kellyville is a convenient placed filled with supermarkets and more than 38 specialty stores. Despite being a small suburb, you’ll find many shops in its commercial area known as ‘The Village’ located on Windsor Road. Due to the increase of population in Kellyville, many more specialty stores are being developed in the area.

Kellyville also has plenty of parks and reserves for people who love the outdoors. The suburb is filled with beautiful bike paths and sporting facilities for people who wish to live an active life. In fact, Kellyville park has its own sports field, tennis, and netball courts!

Hospitals are close to residents and the area is serviced by local GP’s and medical specialists. There are also plenty of schools in the area and plenty of summer and sports clubs for children to have something to do on the weekends.

This suburb is a great place for foodies too. Here you’ll find all kinds of cafes, restaurants, and diners as well as local restaurants, pubs, and bars. It has plenty of exciting nightlife opportunities for younger adults who love to visit clubs, theatres, and arenas.


In terms of transportation, Kellyville is still a work in progress. In 2006, the Green Road was completed and it linked Kellyville to Victoria Avenue and Castle Hill. The old Glenhaven bridge which was made of wood was also recently replaced with a concrete bridge that can now allow heavy vehicles to cross. This bridge improved traffic flow in both Kellyville and Glenhaven.

Travelling to Sydney CBD is also faster now thanks to the new Lane Cove Tunnel and the M2 Hills Motorway. Using these lanes can increase travel time and only take one approximately 35 minutes to reach the central district.

Public transportation has greatly improved with the development of the North-West T-way which allowed a bus-only route and runs parallel to the Old Windsor Road. All the recent developments in transportation are also giving way for a positive rise in properties.

More residents are also expressing their appreciation for the improved accessibility which has boosted demand for homes in the area. Although far from perfect and still a work in progress,
congested roads in Kellyville are undergoing major developments. Upon completion, it will significantly help alleviate traffic and shorten bus journey to the city.

As of today, Kellyville has good bus links and roads linking the suburb to trading zones, retail outlets, and industrial areas into Parramatta and surrounding areas.


Kellyville is widely known as a friendly neighbourhood with fun-loving and family-oriented people. Residents often celebrate street Christmas parties and BBQ. Everywhere in the community, you’ll find happy children in their spacious backyards. Homeowners in Kellyville also take pride in keeping their homes neat and tidy as well as keeping their gardens and lawn look presentable to guests.

A recent survey revealed that the predominant age group in Kellyville is currently aged 40-49. It’s a wonderful suburb for elderly people seeking a quiet place to retire. It’s also one of the best places for young families seeking a low-maintenance living and a lively community. If you’re thinking of starting your family in Australia, Kellyville is a great place. It has both private and public schools for students of every age that are all very close to residential homes.

Are You Ready to Invest in Kellyville?

Despite the issue of housing affordability in Sydney, the housing market in Kellyville remains healthy and seemingly bursting at the seams. Overall, Kellyville is an amazing place to live and find properties to invest. However, before putting your money into a home, don’t forget to consider your budget, expectations, and lifestyle in order to find the best property to invest in.







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