You Need To Hold Property Longer Today

You Need To Hold Property Longer Today

Posted on November 8, 2014 by Mirren Property Investment

Data published recently confirmed people who hold Property for too short a time actually lose money, but in today what is too short a time and how has this changed?

Since we had the credit crunch in 2008. there hasn’t been a lot of growth until 2012, so that’s really four years that property generally hasn’t had any growth.

There also used to be a benchmark that a Property would double in value double your money every 7 years – as an average. But looking at the latest data, you now have to hold a property for at least 10 to 15 years to actually to double in value – and make a profit because of the credit crunch. So the new benchmark for Property to double in value in this cycle is now 10 years.

The old average of 7 years has now become 10 years

Yes 10 years The reality is that it is going to be like this because of the world economy for say the next 20 years or so. Therefore you should probably expect to actually to hold up to 10 years rather than 7 years just to be safe.

Be safe with your Property Investment

You need to hold for 10 years minimum Just to be safe because you don’t know when the next credit crunch will happen. What that means is that even if you plan for the worst and it doesn’t happen you get even more benefit.

80% have doubled their investment if they hold for over 10 years

Where do the figures come from

The data is based on the ** gain release for June 2014 that takes into consideration all properties all over Australia.

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