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We help Australians achieve financial security through strategic property investment. Our complete and proven solution takes the guesswork out of growing and managing your property portfolio.

Property experts

We are property experts, with a deep understanding of how to help ordinary Australians achieve wealth through a proven  investment property strategy. 

We know that the right investment strategy is more important than the right investment property and that finding the right property for your unique financial needs is more than just ‘location, location, location!’

Mirren Property Mortgage

What about you?

We know you’re working hard just to keep ahead of the bill cycle. 

Your mortgage has more than a few zeroes in it, and the idea of owning one investment property, let alone four, seems like a crazy pipe dream.

And you have no idea how you are going to get ahead.

Mirren Buying Properties

Want to hear a secret?

… there is no secret. It’s not rocket science. We use a proven solution to help you grow your property portfolio to four or more properties in ten years. Wealthy people in Australia use property as a foundation. If you have property, you have a stable income, and you’re able to reduce tax and build for retirement.

And the best part is that you can achieve this using the SAME income and the SAME expenses you’ve always had. 

There’s no scrimping and saving or giving up holidays, cars and education. With property investment, you’ll access a lifestyle you never dreamed possible.

Mirren Property Investment

What makes us different

We understand finance and property – because we’ve done it for such a long time, and our results speak for themselves.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people become successful property investors and achieve financial security, using our proven system. 

And we manage ALL the paperwork, from application through to property and tenant management, leaving you free to enjoy your life.

About Mirren - Property Investment

How does it work?

We calculate the right investment for you – the ideal property mix of capital growth, rental income and depreciation to suit your financial situation. 

We help you navigate the finance and property options, so you remain in control and achieve your goals sooner. 

About Mirren - Property Investment

A proven solution

Our solution works quite simply, by leveraging your finances. 

After you’ve purchased the property, we focus all your income into your personal debt which in most cases would be your home loan.

We pay it down as fast as possible and then reuse that same money for deposits and costs on the next investment property. 

About Mirren - Property Investment

Cashflow for existing lifestyle

Property is all about capital growth, cash flow and tax benefits.

Cash flow is the most important element of the equation – without an income everything will fall apart. 

What happens if you lose your job? Get sick? Need to help the kids? 

Our strategy includes a six-month buffer that removes the emotional and financial stress of unforeseen circumstances, meaning there is always enough money to pay your bills.

About Mirren - Property Investment

Exceptional service and client education

“I want to create wealthy Australians who have choices.” Rene Marzinger. 

The personalised service you’ll receive from Rene and the team at Mirren is exceptional – with a strong focus on making sure you understand exactly what is happening, every step of the way.

“With education comes knowledge and wealth – it’s a ripple effect.” Rene Marzinger

About Mirren - Property Investment

Dreams do come true ...

We help you build a property investment portfolio …

not just buy an investment property. 

And because we are constantly reviewing your financial position, we can easily understand and anticipate what the next move will be. 

About Mirren - Property Investment

Transparent, manageable fees

Our initial consultation is free, and when you partner with Mirren, we give you a clear breakdown of all our costs. 

Our ongoing management fees are reasonable and manageable and won’t eat into your valuable profit.

Are you ready to pay off your home sooner and achieve financial success through property investment? 

Call Mirren today.

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Are you ready to achieve financial success through property investment?

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Take our property investment survey to find out what kind of an investor you are.

Are you ready to achieve financial success through property investment? Contact Mirren today.

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