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We help Australians achieve financial security through strategic property investment.

Our complete and proven solution takes the guesswork out of growing and managing your property portfolio.

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We are property experts with a deep understanding of how to help ordinary Australians achieve wealth through strategic property investment.

We know that the right investment strategy is more important than the right investment property …

…and that finding the right property is more than just location, location, location.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people become successful property investors and achieve financial security, using our proven system.

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Client success stories

How Mirren transformed the lives of two ordinary Australians ... turning them into successful property investors with confidence in their financial future.

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Mirren helped a financial planner build a successful property portfolio ... through expert property advice and a wealth of property experience.

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Ten years, five investment properties and their primary mortgage paid off. How good advice from Mirren changed the course of their lives.

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How a ‘personal trainer in finance’ won the hearts and the trust of this hard-working young couple.

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“I want to create wealthy Australians who have choices.” Rene Marzinger

At Mirren you’ll receive a complete end-to-end property investment service, using a proven system we know works – because we’ve used it to help hundreds of regular Australians achieve their financial goals.

We manage all the paperwork, from application through to property and tenant management, leaving you free to live your life. We help you build a property investment portfolio, not just buy an investment property, and our ongoing education and mentoring mean you understand exactly what is happening, every step of the way.

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latest blogs

Newcastle & Lake Macquarie property investment hotspots poised for growth in 2019

With investors moving away from the capitals, regional property hotspots might be the answer for those looking to invest in 2019. NSW’s regional property market such as Newcastle & Lake Macquarie are currently outperforming their metro cousins and may be attractive to investors in the current condition of the property market. About 30% of the …

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A growing investment property precinct, nestled in nature – Kellyville, NSW

Nearly 37km from the CBD, Kellyville is becoming an investment property destination for several buyers. While being convenient to everything one may need, it is a beautiful country meets city suburb nestled in nature. Serene and calming, a place one would like to come home to. Over the last five years, Kellyville has been transformed …

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Property experts mark booming Brisbane as the best city to invest in 2019

  After a long time in the queue to become the next capital to boom, it could finally be the time for Brisbane to shine. Supported by the largest infrastructure spending since the 2011 flood recovery, economic growth and employment opportunities have been on the rise. Properties in Brisbane are more affordable with relatively higher …

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