The Mirren Team

Rene Marzinger

  • Finance Planner
  • Buyers’ Agent and Mortgage Broker
  • Engineer
  • Professional Investor

Mirren founder Rene Marzinger has worked in 27 countries in his lifetime – but there was something about Australia that kept him here.

“Australia is the best country in the world. I just love the people here … the laid-back, casual culture.”

South African born Rene was a brilliant young engineer when he left his country to work, explore and live. But after arriving here, he realised something that set Australia apart.

All of the most successful people in Australia have property … because of the property tax laws. Those people effectively used their property portfolio as a foundation and built their wealth from there,” he says.

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Maryam Khosravi

Maryam Khosravi

Finance specialist Maryam Khosravi worked her way through the ranks of one of the big four banks, before taking on her current role at Mirren.

“I really enjoy this industry … I feel good about helping people achieve their goals. I feel a great sense of pride when I achieve something for a client.

Things are always interesting here at Mirren, and I’m constantly learning and retraining to keep up to date.”

With two young children, Maryam’s organisation as a working mum has to be precise. 

And you’ll find that as your client care specialist, she’s organised and super efficient … something you’ll appreciate when she’s working out your borrowing capacity, financial studies and all your supporting documents.

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Zakia Clews

Property Analyst / Buyer

Zakia combines her professional experience and buying skills in the FMCG sector and her own passion for property investment in her role as Property Analyst and Buyer for Mirren. 

It was the Mirren’s proven strategy that attracted Zakia to her role. As a property investor, “who learnt the hard way,”  she knows all about the pitfalls that you can encounter when building your own property portfolio.  

“Knowing what I know now, Mirren’s approach makes a lot of sense to me.” says Zakia. “It’s very straightforward and relies on proven track record and data analysis. Starting out I wish we’d known Rene!” she laughs.

As Property Analyst and Buyer Zakia helps match the right property to the right client, based on their financial situation, needs and requirements. She also maintains strong relationships with builders across the country. 

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