Mirren Investment Properties has launched a new online property database for all our strategic partners to access for their clientele. Discover 100s of properties available to you at the click of a button, covering NSW and QLD. All our properties are exclusive, off the market releases in high valued suburbs.

Login to Mirren Investment Properties Property Platform by clicking below. If you are unsure of your login details or have forgotten your password, contact us directly on (02) 8814 5275.



What can the Property Platform give me and how can Mirren help?

The Property Platform gives you access to exclusive, off the market investment properties in high valued investment suburbs of NSW and QLD. These properties will give your clients the choice of properties within an area, with detailed building and area information prior to purchase. You will also be able to see the availability of properties in each of the suburbs or estates.

Even though I’m not a strategic partner, can I access this Property Platform?

No. At this stage, we are only opening the Platform to our Strategic Partners. If you feel you could be a potential strategic partner (i.e. broker, accountant, solicitor etc.), contact us to book an appointment to learn more about the Platform and gaining access.

What questions should I ask my clientele before logging in?

You will need to have an understanding of your clients’ financial position, what area which they would consider for an investment property and by using the calculator above, the price range they can afford.

How do I know where a sale is up to?

The Property Platform offers our partners the ability to track where each deal is at in real time.

What if there aren't any properties in the area my client is interested in?

Simply contact us directly and we will see if we have any properties in that area or know of any upcoming ones. With a variety of builders at our disposal, we will always do our best to source a profitable investment property for your client.