How our property investment guru gave some sound advice and a wealth of experience to an experienced financial planner ... and secured his financial future.

Rohan Chapman - strategic property investor with a finance background


Because Rohan had spent many years in financial planning, it would make sense that he wouldn’t need the expertise offered to him by Rene from Mirren Investment Properties.

But that’s wasn’t the case at all.

“I have a masters in applied finance … and a good understanding of investments … but I’m not an expert in property investment.

My experience probably made it a little easier for Rene to explain things to me … but I learned a lot in the process.”

Mirren - Rohan Chapman

Get the timing right

Rohan met Rene at a time when he knew he needed to do something … he just didn’t know what that something was.

“You need to do something now, but you get busy with kids and work.

We all work long hours. We were trying to find the time to do something about it. And so many people on good incomes are usually the poorest – with the highest levels of debt.

What Rene talks about makes sense. It’s logical. It’s not rocket science.”

Mirren-Client Success-Rohan Chapman

The biggest risk is to do nothing

Rene’s advice to Rohan, and to all his clients and prospective clients, involves risk.

“The biggest risk we could have taken was to do nothing. Talking to Rene made us do something proactive.”

Mirren Investment Properties offer a proven solution: building wealth and growing a property portfolio, reducing your debt quickly to establish a positive cash flow … and increasing your capital growth.


Mirren - Rohan Chapman

Set realistic goals ... and aim for the stars

The couple own one investment property in Queensland, and they have a conservative time frame of eight years to pay off their $600,000 home loan.

“It was a very smooth process once we’d met with Rene.

After the initial consultation, we picked our property fairly quickly.

It was a turnkey property, which meant that it was one price, with everything ready for the tenant to move in.

The house was built in May 2016 … someone had tried to buy it, but the sale had fallen through, so we got the property at 2015 prices, which made a big difference.”

In that time, the house and area’s capital growth increased by 10%, so they didn’t waste any time.

Mirren-Client Success-Rohan Chapman

It all makes sense!

The numbers made complete sense to Rohan, and it was a seamless process.

“Rene and the team organised all the paperwork for our construction loan, insurances, depreciation schedule, property managers etc. We went up in December 2016 to see the property and met with the property managers.

We had tenants a week after it hit the market.”

Mirren - Rohan Chapman

You gotta live too, right?

The couple’s eight year forecast is a conservative one and allows for holidays, new cars and unexpected expenses along the way.

But in the past year they’ve paid $30k off their $600k mortgage, and with a property worth 1.3 – 1.4 million, that means a massive amount of equity to continue their long term property investment strategy.

On Rene’s recommendation, the couple refinanced their loan up to $880k, and the difference between the mortgage and the loan is just sitting there waiting for another property to make it work harder down the track.

Rene talks about the things you can’t control like the housing market and interest rates and the things you can control … your debt.

His advice to Rohan… and to everyone he sees?

“Pay your debt down on your current property as soon as possible.”

Mirren - Rohan Chapman

Attitude is everything

Rohan started his property investment journey with the right attitude.

“Money comes in and money goes out. I didn’t have any problems, but I wanted to set it up in the correct way for our tax, financial and family situations.”

Mirren Investment Property is in for the long haul. Rene builds a ten year relationship with clients. His strategy is clear, simple and effective. He doesn’t just sell an investment property and move onto the next client. He wants to secure your finance health over the long term, safely, slowly and surely.

“There’s more risk in doing nothing, than doing something.”

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