Investing in Australian Property: Insights from 2023 for Prospective Investors

Investing in Australian Property: Insights from 2023 for Prospective Investors

Posted on January 12, 2024 by Mirren Property Investment

The Australian property market showcased resilience and opportunity in 2023, with the CoreLogic national Home Value Index (HVI) recording an impressive 8.1% surge in home values. While this marked a significant turnaround from the previous year’s decline, it was below the extraordinary surge seen in 2021.

Throughout the year, the market exhibited diversity, with various regions experiencing differing trends. Capital cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane sustained strong growth rates due to relatively lower housing affordability challenges and lower advertised supply levels. In contrast, larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne saw a slowdown in growth due to factors like rate hikes, increased living costs, and heightened supply.

The trend favored capital cities, showcasing a robust 9.3% surge in dwelling values compared to the combined regional index’s 4.4% rise. Despite this growth, some capitals still sit below their peak values, presenting potential investment opportunities. Sydney, Melbourne, ACT, Hobart, and Darwin recorded values below their record highs, indicating the potential for growth in these markets.

Key Takeaways for Investors in 2024:

Diverse Opportunities: The market exhibited diversity, offering varied investment opportunities across different regions and cities.

Capital City Potential: Capital cities showed robust growth trends, making them potential focal points for investment due to their higher growth rates compared to regional areas.

Potential for Growth: Capitals like Sydney, Melbourne, and others are below peak values, presenting potential growth opportunities for investors.

Resilience Amidst Diversity: The market demonstrated resilience despite diverse trends, hinting at stability and potential long-term growth prospects.

Considering the evolving landscape of the Australian property market in 2023, the potential for growth, and the diversity of opportunities make 2024 an appealing year for property investment. If you’re ready to explore these opportunities, contact Mirren Investment Properties today to discuss how we can help you make the most of your property investment journey.

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